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This emerging healthcare profession allows paramedics and EMTs to operate in expanded roles to provide health and social care to underserved populations. 


Veterans Need CVEMTs

Montana has the highest rate of veteran suicide in the nation. A CVEMT can help veterans in rural areas and larger cities get the services they need.

Become a CVEMT

CVEMTs receive advanced certifications that allow them to intervene with veterans in both medical and behavioral crisis and to administer aid. New classes start soon.

CVEMT Curriculum

CVEMT students will receive certifications for non-medical counseling, veteran advocacy, exercise physiology, and community program development.

RIVER Supports


RIVER supports community paramedicine and improved healthcare for U.S. veterans living in Montana.

Sign Up Today!

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The next CVEMT session starts soon. Call our office for help with admissions, tuition, grants, and scholarships.

Class Designed For You

Students in classroom

The CVEMT curriculum is designed for your convenience. Small classes that you can attend in person or online.