RIVER’s History

Since 2013… RIVER has been working with Ketamine.

RIVER was unique; it was based on local communities designing local programs. Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau cut the ribbon in 2016, recognizing the rarity of this type of program. Ground up versus top down.

RIVER was blessed with medical directors who volunteered their time to the veterans; Dr. Anna Chacko, Dr. Mark Ibsen, and Dr. Frank Yurasek. These doctors volunteered thousands of hours to provide medical care, including mobile medical clinics around Montana.

In 2013 RIVER Foundation’s medical director Anna Chacko M.D.  started working with veterans suffering from depression, anxiety (PTSD), and chronic pain using  Ketamine treatments.

Little was known about Ketamine. Dr. Chacko found Ketamine had the side effect of reducing suicidal thoughts. From 2013 to 2018, hundreds of veterans received ketamine treatments with outstanding results.

RIVER Testimonials