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What happens after you book the intro call with RIVER?


1: We will send you a link to access our portal (Therapy Notes), where you will find some forms to fill out. You can access the portal using your email address and Date of birth. We recommend that you fill out those forms before the free consultation call so we can help you better.

2: After you decide to join the study, we will send you an invoice of $495 covering the entry fee, the telehealth visit with the doctor, the price of 6 sessions, and shipment. After that, you can request 3 refills within 3 months at $14.95/tablet.

3: After the payment, we will send you a link to schedule a time to talk with the doctor (available slots are usually Tuesdays and Thursdays). The doctor will prescribe the Ketamine on the call.
If the doctor decides you are not a good candidate for Ketamine, you will receive a 100% refund the same day.

4: We will send the order to the compound pharmacy after the prescription. The pharmacy usually fills the prescription within 4 to 12 days.

5: We send the Ketamine tablets or nasal spray through FedEx fast delivery. You can expect to receive the shipment within 2 days after the pharmacy fills the prescription.

6: If you would like to request a refill, please email After the doctor writes the refill, we will invoice you for the price of the sessions prescribed ($14.95/tablet | minimum 6 tablets/refill | maximum 20 tablets/refill).
You will be able to request 3 refills within 3 months. After that, you are free to renew your participation at $495.